6" Waxer/Polisher


  • Ergonomic Hand Grip design for a comfortable handle grip
  • Lightweight design for easier waxing and polishing
  • Random orbit polishing movement provides a swirl-free finish
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Product Details

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Hand-Grip Design
  • Lightweight design
  • Random orbit polishing movement


  • For a comfortable handle grip
  • For easier waxing and polishing
  • For a swirl-free finish

What's Included

  • W006B Waxer/Polisher
  • 3 Cloth Bonnets

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter6 "

1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranted for one (1) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance and care. (Proof of purchase maybe required).

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