Utility Blower Heater


  • Convenient tubular steel carrying handle and base for portability
  • Oversized controls that are operable with work gloves on
  • 5-position pivot function adjusts to your personal comfort level
  • Durable metal base and handle stays cool to the touch
  • High-speed fan operates with or without heat
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Product Details

Key Features

  • Tubular steel carrying handle and base
  • Oversized Controls
  • 5-position pivot function
  • Durable metal base and handle stays cool to the touch
  • High-speed fan operates with or without heat


  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to operate 3-setting controls (high. low and fan only)
  • Adjusts to your personal comfort level


  • Utility
  • Garage
  • Workshop

Technical Specifications

  • Amps12.5 Amps
  • Watts1500 W
  • Height12.64 "
  • Width12.24 "
  • Depth9.37 "

1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranted for one (1) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance and care. (Proof of purchase maybe required).


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    User Reviews for Utility Blower Heater

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    PhotoJoe55 Wrote:
    An amazing little heater, I should know! I'm so glad that I tried one more time, because this heater is awesome!
    This little heater is small in size, but powerful in heating. My oil Heat is insufficient and expensive, so I keep the house heat on low, and heat the room that I'll be in. When I unpacked it, my first thought was this is not going to do anything. Wow, it proved me wrong! it blows heat a second after it's turned on, and it is efficient, at 900 or 1500 watts, it warms a large room in minutes, and comes right on as soon as it's needed.

    I think aside from the clean forced hot air, the thermostat is the most accurate of any other heater I own, and I have over a dozen others. This issue is going on 20 years! I'll be picking up a couple more of these, and many of the others will go into the yard sale that I'm planning. The fan must be the shape of a cylinder, with finns because that's the only way it could fit in this small odd shape. It's quiet enough, but you can hear when the thermostat kicks in. The two prong plug, and wire never even get warm, and this is not only one of the least expensive heaters I've bought, it's the most efficient. Better than heaters 3 times the size. Raising the heat to 1500 watts doesn't change the force or sound, but it gets very warm, very fast. The 900 watt setting seems to be enough for even a 12'X12' room. Oh, it doubles as a fan too! Lately B&D Quality has been clearly improved. Best of all, I really trust this heater, tip it, and it shuts right off. Safe, Quiet, efficient, Perfect!


    I think the only downside is that looking at it's odd shape, and small size, most will think it's for a garage, or work site. Not true, It's looks are very deceiving. Forget that. This heater is all business!

    12/6/2013 7:48:10 PM

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