Wall-Mount Paper Shredder & Messaging Center


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Product Details

Key Features

  • 6 Sheet Crosscut
  • Comes with easy mounting system and stand
  • Bin full sensor
  • Protective safety shield
  • Magnetic white board
  • Mesh organization pocket
  • Jam-free technology
  • Shreds credit cards and staples
  • Easy to remove pull-out bin
  • Slim Design
  • Auto Start/Stop/Reverse
  • Break away cord

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions20 "
  • Bin Capacity1.5 gal
  • Cut Size0.16 "
  • Weight14 lbs

1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranted for one (1) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance and care. (Proof of purchase maybe required).


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    User Reviews for Wall-Mount Paper Shredder & Messaging Center

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    JLC-JLC-JLC Wrote:
    could use improvement
    First one I ordered had no power. Second one works, HOWEVER, on many occasions the shredded paper does not fall out of the cutting area and into the bin. You can hear the motor getting slower and slower, and then it shows a jam. The bin has been empty each time so I have no idea why the shredded paper won't drop down out of the blade area, but this is the third time it has happened and I'm not a fan of having to unplug it and then dig the paper out. I'm not doing continuous feed, I'm not using heavy paper, there are no staples, and I'm only doing three sheets at a time.

    It's pretty and slim.


    The fact that it doesn't consistently drop the shredded paper into the bin. I think B&D needs to do more thorough testing before releasing the product. I really don't look forward to packing up shredder #2 for return.

    1/8/2012 1:02:30 PM

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