40V Lithium High Performance String Trimmer with Power Command


  • Black & Decker’s electric lawn and garden equipment releases zero emissions in your yard, helping to reduce your carbon footprint
  • 40V lithium battery for long runtime
  • Use PowerCommand dial to choose between max power to tackle thick weeds and max runtime to increase battery life
  • The PowerDrive Transmission™ delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string so you can get the job done faster
  • The Automatic Feed Spool™ ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop to adjust the spool
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Product Details

Key Features

  • Black & Decker’s electric lawn and garden equipment releases zero emissions in your yard
  • 40V lithium battery with built in state of charge
  • Power Command - Choose Max Power or Max Runtime
  • PowerDrive Transmission™
  • Automatic Feed Spool™
  • Fast charger included standard
  • Easily converts from trimmer to edger. tool free handle and height adjutment


  • helping to reduce your carbon footprint
  • For more runtime
  • Customized power or runtime for any yard
  • More cutting power to get the job done faster
  • Line advances automatically. no need to stop and bump

What's Included

  • LST136 40V Lithium Cordless Trimmer/Edger
  • (1) LBXR36 40V High Performance Lithium Ion Battery
  • (1) LCS36 40V Fast Charger
  • (1) AF-100 Spool
  • (1) Guard
  • (1) Auxiliary Handle


  • Trimming areas of overgrowth after mowing
  • Edging along borders, sidewalks and flower beds

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage40
  • rpm6500-8500 rpm
  • Cutting Swath13 "
  • Line Diameter0.065 "
  • Feed SystemAutomatic
  • Replacement AccessoriesAF-100
  • Weight7.8 lbs
  • Power SourceBattery

Please refer to this product's instruction manual for specific warranty information

    In The News

    • Popular Mechanics 2012 Editor’s Choice Award

      The Black & Decker LST136 36V String Trimmer was recognized for its outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation.
      The string trimmer was selected by a team of home editors as one of the best new products at the National Hardware Show on 5/1/12. 
      Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award 2012


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    User Reviews for

    40V Lithium High Performance String Trimmer with Power Command

    0 people recommended the following review
    vlmallen Wrote:
    Just what I wanted
    At 60 I still enjoy yardwork but wanted something lightweight.I wanted it to do the job well and easy ! It does !!

    Its quiet and easy to handle and gets the job done without tiring me out. The charge has'nt given out on me and I use it about 40 minutes,plus if I put the battery in the little blower theres still power.


    No cons !! This makes weed eating simple !

    7/1/2014 3:34:41 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    fuelie Wrote:
    a very well engineered trimmer that actually delivers everything promised
    my mom bought this trimmer and I thought "great" this is going to be a higher priced disappointment this time. So I tried it out and I could not believe how well engineered it is. This trimmer is a rare thing - a product that actually works better than hoped for. THANK YOU for being good to my mom

    the auto string feed system is flawless and the power is more than adequate


    there are some parts that I wish were not plastic

    6/24/2014 2:20:38 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    shallett848 Wrote:
    Poor Battery Life, Not a Good Edger
    First, for actual use, the product works very well as a trimmer. The circumference of trimmer is limited to a small space but it will work for basic jobs. The "edging" feature is not, in ANY way a replacement for a dedicated edger. If you have a raised yard that needs edging along a driveway/sidewalk, you will probably be disappointed. Battery life on this unit is very poor. This was given as a gift and, if I had bought it, it'd be heading back to the store. According to customer service, the battery will only give ~25 minutes on the lowest setting; on the highest setting, maybe 8 minutes. Again, if you have a small yard, it may be ok. I have a medium-sized yard and it is not suitable. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with this product. I shouldn't have to stop in the middle of a basic job to recharge the battery. I would not recommend it.

    Dual use for trimming and edging Lightweight


    Battery life Poor function for edging Small trim length

    6/19/2014 12:18:56 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    cutthecord81 Wrote:
    The LST-136, 40 Volt String Trimmer is Outstanding in Performance & Battery Life."Its Amazing"
    I have used this Trimmer 3 times & have given it a real test.Altho I have a less than 1/4 acre yard I have extensive knowledge of lawn care equipment as I have 8 years experience in the Landscaping business.I am now retired & sold all my High Dollar equipment so have purchased homeowner grade products.This Black & Decker LST-136 40 Volt Trimmer/Edger really performs. It does a great job of Edging as well as Trimming & I have yet to run out of Battery before I am finished. I am over 6 ft. tall & the length of the shaft extended is perfect & has good balance so is not tiring to use.One thing that I believe helps the battery life if the user dials back the RPM when not in heavy going. The Auto line feed has worked perfectly also. I most certainly give this 5 Stars.

    The Swivel Power Head,Adjustable Speed Control,Battery Life,Light weight & well balanced,Adjustable Length & Auto Line Feed.


    I haven`t found any faults.

    6/10/2014 5:47:39 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Charlie-Echo-Kilo Wrote:
    LST136 36V
    The LST136 36V is a great cordless trimmer/edger. With each new season, I became even more disappointed with my 2-cycle gas trimmer and the constant servicing it required. I spent time researching cordless trimmers/edgers and like all consumer products I found a fair share of poor reviews for the LST136 but the majority was positive and the model was highly praised and recommended. I take pride in maintaining our 1/3 acre yard and the performance of the LST136 does not disappoint. One battery does the job. My LST136's duties are strictly trimming and edging, it is not used as a lawn mower.

    Adjustable power levels, lightweight, ergonomic


    My only complaint is that the LST136 comes with one battery. Although I can get the job done with one battery, it would have been nice if B&D included a second battery -- two is one, one is none.

    5/13/2014 5:30:21 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    uniquelyflorida Wrote:
    Lightweight, easy to use, short battery life, serviceable but disappointing
    Purchased the 36v prior to it being discontinued, needed to replace B&D 36v Nicad trimmer due to its weight, after shopping around I settled for LST136 36v; adjustable shaft length was main reason. Not happy with auto feed(doesn't always work properly), not happy with string diameter or the only one line feed, not two. Purchased a second battery and have had to use both completely every time plus part of another charge(at least), didn't have this problem with the Nicad version. Still trying to figure out why it's called a 13" trimmer when there is never more than about 5 inches of line showing, often it is 3-4" before more feeds out, with 1 line feed that's no where near a 13" cutting swath! Love the convertible cutting head and being able to adjust the power with the turn of a wheel instead of the pressure applied to the trigger, my hand doesn't get as tired! Would recommend it over some some competitors, just not as highly as my previous trimmer.

    Lightweight, convertible head, adjustable shaft length(height), ease of power adjustment


    Battery life, single line feed, actual cutting swath(not advertised swath), diameter of line used(too thin), auto line feed

    4/28/2014 12:55:04 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Jsinek Wrote:
    Very disappointed. Don't waste your money.
    After about 5-6 uses the battery died. Such a disappointment... Please don't waste your money on this failure of a product.

    I wish I could have enough uses to come up with a list of pros.


    Battery died for good after a very short period of time. Can't use. The only thing this product trimmed was my wallet.

    4/16/2014 10:33:54 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    chadjadams Wrote:
    So Far so Good
    I just purchased this today. I took it out of the box and put it together in about 5 to 10 minutes. I put the battery in, it displayed 2 out of 5 bars in the battery and it lasted about 15 to 20 minutes on power setting of 3.

    The telescoping handle for easier storage and the power seemed sufficient


    Nothing as of yet, but as I mentioned earlier, I have had it less than 24 hours.

    4/6/2014 11:44:30 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    J.Smith Wrote:
    Works great... battery not so much
    I believe the trimmer is still good to go, but the 36v battery lasted only about a year before giving up. Note, its an $90 part to replace. For a $180 trimmer, I would have been better off getting a corded/gas trimmer at this cost.

    * Worked great for the year it was in use


    * Battery breaks down after a year * Part costs * Warranty process

    10/27/2013 4:19:43 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Jerricho73 Wrote:
    Pass this one by
    Worked absolutely wonderful when it worked. Battery life was more than adequate for my small yard. Worked as a trimmer and edger. Ran it at full power for well over 30 minutes every time I used it. Worked GREAT!

    Long batter life, lightweight, simple to use.


    Lasted 1 season. The motor smoked and burned up a couple of weeks ago. Can't find my Walmart receipt. Contacted B&D for repair options, gave me an address where I could take it or mail it, gave me NO information about whether or not I would need a receipt to send it in. This was a big waste of $150, going back to gas. :(

    10/13/2013 2:58:31 PM

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