High Performance 7.5A 14" Electric String Trimmer

MODEL # GH3000

  • Black & Decker’s electric lawn and garden equipment releases zero emissions in your yard, helping to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string to tackle the toughest weeds, grass, and overgrowth quickly.
  • Groom N' Edge™ with the quick latch release, allows users to switch from trimming to edging in seconds.
  • Wheeled edge guide offers comfort and east of use while edging the lawn around sidewalks and driveways.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with adjustable height and pivoting handle gives the user maximum comfort and control.
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Product Details

Key Features

  • 7.5 amp motor and gear drive transmision
  • Groom N' Edge™
  • Wheeled Edge Guide
  • Adjustable height and pivoting handle
  • 0.08in single cutting line


  • Delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string to tackle the toughest weeds. grass. and overgrowth quickly.
  • Release the clamp and rotate for 180 degree edging mode
  • Allows the user to edge while resting the tools weight on the wheel
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • For fast and easy changing on the spool

What's Included

  • GH3000 Trimmer/Edger
  • (1) SF-080
  • (1) Guard


  • Trims Heavy Tall Grass and Weeds
  • Maintenance Edging Along Walks, Driveways and Borders

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage120 V
  • Amps7.5 Amps
  • rpm7500 rpm
  • Cutting Swath14 "
  • Line Diameter0.08 "
  • Feed SystemAFS
  • Replacement AccessoriesSpool SF-080 & Cap RC-080-SF
  • Weight6.9 lbs
  • Power SourceCorded

2 Year Limited Warranty

Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. warrants this product for two (2) years against any defects in material or workmanship. The defective product will be replaced or repaired at no charge in either of two ways.

The first, which will result in exchanges only, is to return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased (provided that the store is a participating retailer). Returns should be made within the time period of the retailer?s policy for exchanges (usually 30 to 90 days after the sale). Proof of purchase may be required. Please check with the retailer for their specific return policy regarding returns that are beyond the time set for exchanges.

The second option is to take or send the product (prepaid) to a Black & Decker owned or authorized Service Center for repair or replacement at our option. Proof of purchase may be required. Black & Decker owned and authorized Service Centers are listed under "Tools-Electric" in the yellow pages of the phone directory.

This warranty does not apply to accessories. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province. Should you have any questions, contact the manager of your nearest Black & Decker Service Center. This product is not intended for commercial use.

LATIN AMERICA: This warranty does not apply to products sold in Latin America. For products sold in Latin America, check country specific warranty information contained in the packaging, call the local company or see the website for warranty information.

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    User Reviews for High Performance 7.5A 14" Electric String Trimmer

    0 people recommended the following review
    jchris7109 Wrote:
    Works well with a small change
    The GH3000 is a great trimmer with a lot of power. However, when first using the trimmer it seemed to be to powerful for the .o8 string it ate it up like crazy, I even bought a replacement spool and the same thing happened the .08 string was gone before I was half finished. So, I tried some .09 string I had on hand and it worked great as long as the string was wound evenly and tight. I do have a glitch every now and then with the auto feed but it only take a minute or two to fix but it doesn't happen very often.

    I like the 7.5A power and the 14" cut. I would recommend it with the use of the .09 string


    It could have better directions for use

    6/28/2014 12:18:02 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    jdub78 Wrote:
    Not sure what all of the fuss is about.....
    I bought this trimmer in June '13 and I have never had a problem with the "Automatic Feed System" (AFS) or with the trimmer going through too much line. I'm not sure what capacity everyone is using this trimmer, but I use mine strictly as a trimmer. I've re-spooled my line a couple of times and still haven't had any trouble with the line feeding. Mine works like a champ and cuts through everything I've come across

    Light weight, Strong, Reliable



    6/14/2014 11:19:38 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    TrimmerHunter Wrote:
    Very Dissatisfied
    It is very unfortunate that such a mostly well designed and powerful trimmer fails to perform appropriately. The Automatic line feed is unreliable and frankly, since it releases large amounts of excess line on occasion and this line is severed and then becomes a projectile, I find it too dangerous to use. I have trimmed my entire lawn with one spool of trimmer line, but sometimes I will go through 6 to 8 spools for the same job. I do not consider myself a mechanical dummie, but I have worked with this trimmer and have not been able to solve the problem.

    Uses 0.80 line, twin line, powerful


    All pros can not negate the non-operative line feed that makes the trimmer unusable.

    6/12/2014 1:57:42 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    gaalbert@sbcglobal.net Wrote:
    Expensive to use Uses excessive amounts of line
    I wish I could rate the GH3000 a zero. It goes through line like crazy. I would never purchase this product again. I had been a loyal purchaser of Black and Decker products in the past and this experience may affect my future purchases of Black and Decker products.

    The wheel makes it is to trim in a straight line


    Goes through line crazy. I am filling the spool every 5 minutes or so. A real peace of junk.

    6/12/2014 11:42:08 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Taylor74 Wrote:
    the first time I used it, it used an entire spool of trimmer line. the cheap hard plastic handle will give you a blister in 90 seconds. the second time I used it the whole cheap plastic trimmer head assembly overheated after an hour of use and melted off of the rotating shaft leaving me with a useless piece of garbage. waist of time and money :(

    that it is in a garbage landfill somewhere now.


    cheap plastic parts melted after an hour of whacking weeds.

    6/4/2014 9:27:16 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    19BD75zzz Wrote:
    Great Product
    Very powerful, light weight, easy to use trimmer. Line feed works like a charm. Easy to assemble and great balance with the power head up by the handle instead of at the base. This reduces the strain on the operator with the weight by the handle.

    The 0.80 inch line and the powerful motor cut through grass, weeds, and blackberry bushes.


    The Instruction Manual is not very clear and easy to use.

    5/6/2014 4:12:28 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    hotrods Wrote:
    The line spool is junk and it is so poorly designed it should meet recall requirements. I agree with previous reviews, that there should be a zero star option for this item.



    line spool is junk

    4/26/2014 5:43:29 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    kflam Wrote:
    Don't buy this product: Line advance system fails. Should hava a zero star option, one is being too generous
    From day one it didn't last through one mowing of the lawn. refilled spool and then didn't advance at all? This product should be recalled. I usually need to take the cap off, pull the spool out and manually advance the line and put the cap back on. Should have returned it the first day of use in retrospect.

    Nothing to like if it doesn't work correctly. It has motivated me to do research first before buying a replacement for this piece of junk. Agree it's light weight for tossing in the garbage.


    line advance system This is not a green product if everybody is throwing it away. Might as well get a gas operated trimmer that works

    10/12/2013 2:27:04 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    ex-pat Wrote:
    It is a piece of garbage. THE LINE FEED DOES NOT WORK. I am an engineer and ex mechanic, I patiently messed with the new spool for hours. I threw it in the garbage out of frustration, and that is where it belongs. Once again - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP

    It is light weight so it was easy to toss in the trash


    line feed -DOES NOT WORK

    9/21/2013 12:25:14 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Charles Vehslage Wrote:
    Uses too much line
    I have been very careful to wind the line neatly, but at times it has gone through a spool of line in 10 minutes.

    Has good power.


    Auto feed system needs to be fixed.

    9/15/2013 11:24:00 AM

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