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How to Best Utilize Your Stick + Hand Vacuum

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Around the House with a Stic Vac01

BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 3 Articles

Light and agile, stick vacuums are convenient when you’re cleaning on the fly. Many of these vacuums feature a removable hand-held vacuum, making the list of places where you can use them almost unlimited.

TIP: Optimize your vacuum’s suction force by regularly cleaning the dust container and filter. Be sure the appliance is off before removing and cleaning any parts.

Stick Vacuum + Hand-Held Vacuum Uses


The Fireplace + Hearth

Around the House with a Stic Vac02

No matter how careful you are, ashes from wood-burning fireplaces sometimes find their way out onto the hearth. The BLACK+DECKER 36V MAX* Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology is an easy way to suck up the grime and keep the fireplace looking neat and tidy. Enjoy a cozy fire with your guests and have the evidence cleaned up in mere minutes after they leave.

Your Playroom

Around the House with a Stic Vac03

Whatever hobbies you’re into, BLACK+DECKER vacuums have the power to remove crafting messes you might make. With a 12 air-cyclone system that keeps suction strong, the Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology can suck out tiny threads, glitter, sawdust and anything else you drop while crafting in your hobby space. You can easily clean up without lugging a big, heavy traditional vacuum cleaner.

Anywhere Your Pet Goes

Around the House with a Stic Vac04

Dogs and cats can spread hair everywhere they go. A vacuum is a great way to keep your pet’s hair from tangling up in your carpet or piling up on your hardwood floors. You can also easily clean up the sandy mess left around the cat’s litter box.

The Stairs

Around the House with a Stic Vac05

Vacuuming stairs with a full-size traditional vacuum can be difficult. Maneuvering that much weight on the stairs is hard work, and avoiding tripping over the cord is dangerous. At just 7.9 pounds, the Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology is easy to use on the stairs and is cordless so you won't strain your back or get tangled in any cords.

The Garage + Shed

Around the House with a Stic Vac06

If you’ve left a light layer of sawdust on the garage floor from your most recent DIY project, use a vacuum to clean it up. Opt for a battery-powered one if your garage doesn’t have easily assessable electrical outlets.


The Walls

Around the House with a Stic Vac07

Because it’s easy to turn the Lithium Stick Vac into a hand-held vacuum, you can use it to pull cobwebs and dust off of your walls more quickly than wiping them down with a rag. This is especially helpful when cleaning paneling, as the suction will pull dirt and dust out of the grooves in the wood.

Window Sills + Screens

Around the House with a Stic Vac08

Window sills and screens collect dust and pollen over time. They also collect large amounts of outdoor dirt and insects. Cleaning it all up is easy with the suction of a vacuum cleaner, and the small size makes it easy to carry from room to room when doing all of your windows.

Comforters + Drapes

Around the House with a Stic Vac10

You wash your sheets all the time, but heavy comforters and blankets may not be washed as often. If you want to freshen things up between each washing, grab your hand-held vacuum and take a few minutes to vacuum up dust from your bedspread. Do the same with curtains and drapes in every room.

The Car

Around the House with a Stic Vac09

Vacuuming out your car is easy with a battery-powered hand-held vacuum. No more dragging out your upright vacuum and running bright orange extension cords out to the car.