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Create a table and stools made from planters for your patio! The don't take up much space, can be used as storage, and they're super easy to make! For more DIY projects check out my blog:


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Use old or new planters to create furniture for your outdoor space. Follow these simple instructions and in no time you'll have seating and storage for your patio, or even a child's playroom.

What You'll Need


Jigsaw, staple gun, and sander


Planters: 1 large for table 2 small for stools.
Plywood for stool cushions,
Spray Paint
Fabric and batting for stool tops


Step 1

Gather Materials

You'll need atleast 3 planters. 1 Large for the table and 2 smaller for the stools. You'll also need a piece of plywood, fabric and batting for the stool tops, and spray paint.

Step 2

Make the stool top templates

Use the plywood to make the tops for the stools. Trace the smaller planters to create a circle template. You will make 2 of these for your 2 stools.

Step 3

Cut the templates out

Use the jigsaw to cut the template out.

Step 4

Sand the edges

You may end up with some rough edges, so use the sander to even them out.

Step 5

Staple the batting

Use the staple gun to staple the batting to your templates you just cut. Start with 4 staples in oppostie corners, then work your way around pulling taught as you go. If you want a little more cushioning insert some stuffing under the batting before you staple it closed.

Step 6

Staple the fabric

Staple the fabric over the batting in the same manner.

Step 7

Finished Cushions

Your cushions will look similar to this once you are done.

Step 8

Paint the planters

Spray paint the planters your desired color. Use atleast 2 coats, and wait until each coat is dry before starting the next.

Step 9

Assemple the stools

Place your finished cushions on the stools. You can either attach them with super glue or leave them detached so you can use the stool as storage.

Step 10

Finished Project

Your new furniture is ready to use! It can be stacked inside eachother and put away when not in use.



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