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Installing bead board in bookshelves, and how to create unity in decorating.


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When we moved in we had the builders add bookshelves flanking our fireplace. Well... they were definitely builder basic. I thought they could use a little something something. When we added bead board to our kitchen wall I decided our family room bookshelves would look nice with beadbaord to tie the two rooms together nicely, plus I has extra beadboard. Saa-weet.

A little something goes a long way. It ties my kitchen into our family room perfectly. With an open floor plan this was key.

Now for decorating these bookshelves. Oh how I struggled with this. I think I have changed them around every week for the past year we have lived here. :) We are always in this room and I "study" it far too much!

Anyways I remembered a "Design Article of Faith" that I learned in college and it applied here.
It is called repetition with variation.

* It is when you use something and repeat it though out the design while varying it slightly.
* It creates interest and unifies the design.
* For instance I used black frames in different shapes and formats and repeated them throughout.
* I also repeated yet varied books, ceramics and antiques using black white red yellow and blue.

I am much more pleased with how it looks with using this design principle or "Design article of Faith" as my professor called it. The past year I had cute stuff in it but it didn't feel unified at all. Now I can have a peace of mind when I look at it. :)

What You'll Need


Saw, Sander


Beadboard, strong glue, caulk


Step 1

Cut beadbaord, sand, glue caulk

The bead board can be cut for you at the home improvement store but your shelves might need to be cut to adjust for the extra depth the bead board adds.
Sand rough edges.
Put strong glue on back and put into place.
Caulk around edges.



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