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Make useful drawers for the bathroom vanity, garage or craft area with some scrap wood, glue, nails paint and dollar store baskets.


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The space under my bathroom vanity was becoming overrun with small odds and ends, makeup, and toiletries. I need a quick, CHEAP, easy way to provide some useful storage, allowing me to organize my products by type and easily access them.

So I built some super easy drawers.

With a handful of cheap baskets from the 99c store and some lumber scraps, I built some storage drawers for tidying up and organizing my bathroom vanity cabinet.

First I measured the height and width that would fit in my vanity, and cut my scrap MDF to fit the vanity and 5 of my baskets. Then I cut some thin craft wood into strips to create drawer slides for the baskets to rest on.

I glued and nailed the strips into place (spaced to fit my baskets specifically for both their height and width), and glued and nailed some 1/8" scrap hardboard to the top and bottom. Painted it up with primer and white spray paint.

What You'll Need


tape measure
hammer (or brad nail gun)


wood, plywood or MDF
hardboard (or thin wood)
wood glue
small baskets


Step 1

Measure the Space for Your New Drawers

Space for your new drawers might be tight, especially if your drawers are going to be under the bathroom sink.

Step 2

Gather Your Supplies

Pick up some small baskets from the dollar store that you know will fit well in the space you have measured.

Step 3

Cut Your Lumber for the Drawer Base Sides

To Create Drawer Base Sides:

Step 4

Glue and Nail the Drawer Runners

Using the height of your basket as a guide, lay out the narrow wood strip runners you cut, allowing an additional half an inch between each strip. The baskets will be supported on these.

Step 5

Cut and Attach the Drawer Base Top and Bottom

This is best done while holding the base sides in place over the hardboard, with a basket resting on the runners to accurately determine the width of the drawer unit.

Step 6

Paint the Drawer Unit

I primed my drawer unit and then painted it with white spray paint.

Step 7

Get Organized!

After you place the drawer base in the cabinet, you can get organized!



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