Framed Beadboard Key Holder

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A decorative and utilitarian key holder used to keep keys easily accessible to all family members. It can be easily modified to fit in any space and home decor. It can also be created by using items you probably already have in your home. Please visit me on my blog for more decorative ideas, organizing projects and creative DIY ideas for your home. Visit Organize and Decorate Everything at .


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I started with leftover beadboard from the mudroom walls and cut it to 12"x12" in size. The 1 5/8" trim was cut to fit around the beadboard like a frame. Any size adjustments can be made to fit any area of your home. The trim pieces can also be painted any color to fit your decor. Then the trim pieces were attached to the beadboard and each other using wood glue, then held together, until dry, with strong tape. Once dry, the holes were drilled for the hooks, the hooks attached and the book plates attached to the beadboard. Then the key holder was hung on the wall and the keys were hung from the hooks.

What You'll Need


Circular Saw
Electric Drill


Trim for Frame
Cup Hooks
Book Plates
Small Nails or Brads
Wood Glue
Expansion Glue
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Sand Paper


Step 1

Cutting and Painting the Pieces

Cut the beadboard and trim to the size you desire. My board is 12"x12". The 1 5/8" trim was cut to 12 3/4" each to fit around the beadboard like a frame. Use acrylic paint for the trim in your desired color. By painting only one coat and letting it dry, you can sand the pieces to let the white show through. The beadboard was spray painted white and not sanded.

Step 2

Attaching the Pieces Together

Label the back of each trim piece to remember where they fit best on the board. Apply wood glue to the back of each piece then attach it to the board, making sure to add glue to the angled area. Once each piece is where it belongs, use a strong tape to hold it in place until dry (about 2 hours).

Step 3

Attaching the Bookplates

Attach the bookplates to the beadboard by using expansion glue and brads or small nails. Measure the placement of the bookplates from the edge of the trim for the desired look you're going for. Mine measure 1 1/2" from the sides and 1 1/2" from the top.

Step 4

Adding the Hooks

Use a 1/16" size drill bit to make a hole for each hook. Center the hole right below each bookplate. Then screw the cup hook into each drilled hole.

Step 5

Hanging the Key Holder

Hang the key holder in the method that is best for you. I used picture hooks, but you could also use sawtooth hooks or any other method for hanging pictures. My Key Holder hangs in the mudroom, next to the door leading to the garage. This project was made using items I already had in my home. Things you might have also.



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