Why are newer 18v slide batteries not holding a charge?

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I have 7 year old 18v slide batteries that hold a charge long enough to get the job done. Just bought a new NST2118 Trimmer/ edger that won't last 10 minutes.


I have an 18v B&D drill that came with two HPB18 Batteries that are dated 2005. The batteries are great, still hold a charge long enough to get any job done. I just bought a new trimmer with batteries (HPB18-OPE) dated 2011 that won't hold a charge for more then 10 minutes, and one won't even charge as of yet (been charging for over 20 hours now). I read through your site and they are the same. You have reviews of the same batteries that now are being complained about for the same reason. What have you done to the batteries that they no longer last as long? Have we got a bad batch or are they being made different? I like the trimmer, but 10 minute charge and one that won't charge at all makes me want to return this item and stop buying B&D products all together. I have always bought B&D



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