Where can I find these deck bench plans?

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Links for a certain deck bench image link back to the Black and Decker site, but I cannot find the plans in the projects page. Where can I find the plans for the deck bench shown on this web page? http://www.woodworkcity.com/wordpress/2007/02/13/deck-bench-plans/


The image for this deck bench appears in various web sites across the Internet, for example, at this web site: http://www.woodworkcity.com/wordpress/2007/02/13/deck-bench-plans/. The various web sites either say it is a Black and Decker design, or it has a direct link back to the Black and Decker project page. However, I cannot locate the plans on the Black and Decker site, and the image I found on the web site is not of a high enough resolution to read the dimensions in the plan. Are the plans for this deck bench available on the Black and Decker web site? I want to build this design.



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