Fast-drive/removable chuck & seperate chargers

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What happened to the fast-drive removable chuck? Great feature, why was it discontinued? Also, who came up with having to plug the entire drill in order to charge the battery rather than a seperate charger? BAD idea ! !


Black & Decker has eliminated two of the major features for buying their cordless drills.
1) The fast-drive removable chuck system was a handy feature and big influence on buying this brand. Was there a problem with the design that made it be discontinued?
2) Until there is a battery that will hold charge for a constant 12 -14 hours of use, the idea of plugging in the entire drill in order to charge the battery is a ludicrous idea. I guess since they decided to only include 1 battery in the deal, this doesn't matter, but even the amatuer (like myself) gets into projects that require a fresh battery while in the middle of the project .. .. .. PLEASE bring back the fast-drive/removable chuck, 2 batteries, and seperate charger, or you will lose MANY, many sales to other brands ! ! ! . . .



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